Monday, 5 December 2011

My Week in Pictures

This week was my last week at my current job in affiliate marketing. It's been an interesting (and frustrating) six months and I'm relieved to have finished but I've met some great friends and discovered the world of blogging. I've also learnt that I really enjoy training and "managing" people so I may have even discovered a few things about myself.

We spent the day Saturday buying a Christmas tree and brand new decorations as our other one is currently residing in storage. We then went to Bath Christmas Market today with my parents, and were planning on putting up the tree when we got back but I've been feeling a bit nauseous today so didn't get round to it. I've got the day off tomorrow so I'm going to put it up tomorrow and Jack's going to help me decorate it when he gets back from work. That combined with a getting my hair done and lunch with the girls makes for a pretty sweet first day as a lady of leisure!

Bye E-tail

Bath Christmas Market

Bye Bye Movember

Christmas Decorations