Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Weight Loss Inspiration

I had my second weigh in today and was a little disappointed with the result as I've only lost 1.5lbs this week. It's a loss though and I can't expect every week to be 4.5! I did have 2 meals out last week (with wine) and a night out with the girls so that can't of helped. I'm attempting a booze free week this week so wish me luck!

I've also done something I didn't think I'd do (and enjoy) - joined the gym! I got the inspiration after reading about my favourite blogger, Selective Potential's, own fantastic weight loss after following Weight Watchers. She lost a total of 35lbs and looks amazing for it. I adore her sense of style and it came from the confidence she got from losing the weight. I'm not looking to lose quite that much but I am looking to expand my wardrobe and try to take more risks with my outfit choices, so I've found Tieka very inspiring. I might even start outfit posting once I think my wardrobe is worthy.

Talking of shopping, I've been lusting after Ruche for the last few days, but as I'm currently unemployed I can't justify making a purchase. Plus, as I'm in the UK, Ruche charges a wacking $25 for shipping... that's £16.30! So incredibly tempted though...

I stepped up the job hunt yesterday and sent out my CV to local agencies. I need to print a bunch off and go around the local bars/restaurants/shops too. I haven't been too motivated if I'm honest as we're due to go travelling soon so I just need to get a job to save money for a couple of months. Therefore, there aren't too many options and I know I'm going to be so bored. Just excuses really though! Ruche is motivating me however, as is the fact that I still want to be able to go out with my friends. CV's and follow up phonecalls is the plan tomorrow!

Hope you're all having a good week so far!

Monday, 16 January 2012

Make-Up Wishlist

I had a huge clearout of my make-up a while ago and have stuck to a few basics but I'm starting to feel like I want to treat myself to something new and try to build up my collection again.

Top of my wishlist includes...

Mac Strobe Cream - £12.00 (30 ml)

Any recommendations or personal favourites?

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Hair Woes

I hate my hair! There, I said it. It's so boring and dull and it looks the same all the time. The problem is that I'm desperately trying to grow it out which means I can't do a whole lot with it. I visited the hairdressers recently as I was told that if you don't trim the ends it doesn't grow as quickly (not sure I understand the logic but I'm sure there is proof on the internet somewhere). I came out looking exactly the same which seemed like a huge waste of money and made me feel annoyed and a little depressed!

See... it always looks the same!

I've been considering getting my fringe cut in again, just so my hair looks different but I'm really not sure. The last time I had a fringe was in 2009 and I'm not sure if I like it enough to do it again...

If I were to do it again I'd get more of a block fringe as it looks too thin and wispy here (my nose looks HUGE in this picture). What do you think!?

The other option is just to give up and get it all cut off! But I really really want to look like this...

... but blonde!

I do however, love Kate from Ghostparties hair so if I were to go for a chop I'd be very tempted to get this  style, à la Alexa Chung.

In the meantime, in an attempt to inject some style into my hair I'm getting the Babyliss Thermo Ceramic Rollers tomorrow from my brother (very late Xmas pressie). Can anyone recommend some good styling products too? I need help!

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

My First Weigh In

I had my first slimming world "weigh in" today amd I've lost 4.5 pounds in one week! (I cheated and weighed myself yesterday and it was 5 but as Wednesday is my official weigh in day I'll stick to the 4.5 lbs) I'm really chuffed and really pleased with the programme so far. I went out for Indian on Friday and it's Thai with the girls tonight! I'm really pleased that I can still have meals out as it's a big part of my social life, but I just have to be more aware of what I'm choosing. For example, I'd normally have a creamy curry like a tikka masala or makhani but I had a Chicken Dhansak which is only 6.5 syns when going for an Indian. And for tonight, I've already looked at the menu and chosen Chicken in Oyster Sauce with Jasmine Rice, and if we're having starters I'll have Mussels. This will keep me at 4.5 syns for my main, and as long as I don't have booze I will have had a guilt free evening out.  

Met the girls from my old work at lunch and had a catch up. We're going out Saturday night which I'll not count the Syns for as it will probably blow my weekly budget! I can't think of anything to wear so will have to raid the wardrobe as I don't have enough time to order something new.

It's my nephew Olly's 1st birthday on Saturday so I bought him this gorgeous fleece jacket. Olly was born with Congenital Heart Defects and he has to have his first operation tomorrow, which means he's going to be in hospital over his birthday. 

Also had a major breakout so panic bought Vichy Anti-Imperfection Concentrate which I'll try out tonight and review tomorrow. I also got this free Deep Cleansing Purifying Gel as part of an offer on at Boots at the moment.

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Swiss O-Par Eyelash and Eybrow Kit

Being a natural blonde it also means that I have very light brows and eyelashes, so I regularly get them tinted and waxed at my local salon. However, this can get rather pricey so I don't go as often as I'd like. Therefore, they're often desperately in need of some maintenance. My sister and friend Rachel both dye their own brows so I decided to give it a go.

I purchased Swiss O-Par Eyelash and Eybrow Kit in Brown from Boots (£8.99). I regularly wax my own brows with Eylure Eyebrow Shapers so I did a quick tidy and set to work.  You need to make sure your brows are clean and free from Moisturisers and make-up before starting. I waxed mine straight out of the shower. I find the Eylure strips so easy to use as I hate tweezing and when I get them done at the salon I regularly break out in spots. They are ready shaped so are easy to apply and make it a quick and relatively painless experience.

I applied vaseline to the skin around my brows to prevent the dye from tinting my skin. The instructions provided with the kit are specifically for lash application and didn't state that this is how to dye brows also so I had to assume.

I started by dipping the cotton bud in the liquid and applying liberally to the brows. It says to do this 1-2 times and leave for 1 minute. You then apply the gel evenly to the comb and brush through the brow then wipe clean with a tissue/damp cotton pad. You then need to wash out any remaining gel with soap and water.



To be honest it didn't really make much of difference so I'll have to experiment to make them darker as it doesn't actually tell you how to get a darker finish, i.e. do you leave the gel or the liquid on for longer, or do you apply more liquid!? Overall I'm thinking that I'd rather go to the salon but I will be trying this again when my budget won't quite stretch. I won't, however, be attempting my eyelashes. I think I'll leave that to the professionals!

Monday, 9 January 2012

Shop Focus: Vero Moda

I discovered Danish brand Vero Moda after ordering a few of their pieces on ASOS. I decided to browse their site and discovered a treasure trove of delights, and its even been given the golden seal by Alexa Chung who is the current face of the brand.

The Autumn/Winter 2012 collection is laden with Peter Pan collars, Lace and Chiffon. Even though I was surprised to see Alexa as the face of the highstreet brand it seems to make a good pairing. With Alexa's well known style of mixing high street, designer and vintage, this collection takes inspiration from vintage 70s chic and seems to fit perfectly with Alexa's cutesy, girly side.

Here are a few of my favourite pieces.


Ramana 3/4 Top - £26.02 

Twiggy 2/4 Dress - £57.81 

The names of the pieces make no sense and the URL is bizarre (they need some advice about SEO!) Aside from that, I will definitely be ordering a couple of these.

Sunday, 8 January 2012

New Years Resolutions

Lose 1 stone 5 lbs
Go travelling
Grow out my hair and learn how to style it
Figure out what I want to do with my career
Decide where I want to "settle down"
Wear more nail varnish
See more of my Nan
Blog more often

      Have you got any resolutions and have you managed to stick to them so far?

      Saturday, 7 January 2012

      What I got for Christmas...

      So it's a bit late but I thought I'd share with you a few of my favourite Christmas pressies!

       Slipper Booties!
      Nails Inc haul

       Kirstie Allsopp Sewing Kit
       Contents of the sewing kit (plus extras from Mum):
      Gucci Flora

      I didn't really ask for anything this year so was really chuffed with my gifts. I'm still to get my present from my brother but I'm getting some heated rollers so I can experiment with my hair now that I'm growing it out.

      My favourite present has to be the Nails Inc collection from Jack. I've still to try most of them out as I've been giving my nails a bit of breathing time so they can return to their normal colour and not look like I smoke 30 a day. I promise to do some swatches as soon as I can!

      Friday, 6 January 2012

      Back Track

      Ok, so in my desperation to lose a few pounds I got it in my head that I was going to do a fad diet! After more thought and research I luckily realised this was a bad choice. The diet is ridiculously hard going and to cut out two whole food groups and not eat any fibre is a bit extreme (to say the least). So I've decided to go down the much more sane route of Slimming World. I've decided to do the programme online as I've been putting it off for ages just because I can't get to the meetings. I was a bit apprehensive about going down the online route but the website is extremely helpful and I've spent the last 2 days going through the 'Syn's' list and thousands of recipes and I've finally just completed the Tesco food shop so from tomorrow I'll have more choice on what I can eat. These past 2 days have been a bit difficult to say the least as I've been trying to eat according to the rules on the rather unhealthy selection we have in the house from last weeks shop.

      Overall, I'm feeling really positive. I've already stopped the nightly alcoholic drink and constant picking of the Christmas sweets as the Syn's just aren't worth it. That travelling bikini bod is finally in reach!

      Tuesday, 3 January 2012

      Happy New Year!

      I've been a bit AWOL this past month but as part of my New Years resolution I've promised to start blogging more. I've also set myself a goal to drink less alcohol and try to lose the 10 pounds I've gained over the last six months!

      I've put the huge weight gain down to my current circumstances (and complete lack of willpower!) Before moving back to Cheltenham I worked in a very active job where I was on my feet for most of the day. My boyfriend was working abroad so I often ate by myself in the week, which meant low maintenance meals mainly consisting of vegetables and pasta. Since being in Cheltenham I've been working in an office and living with Jack (who is on expenses) full time in the town centre. This means lots of meals out and the temptation to eat the same as him when we are eating at home. The result has meant a 10 pound weight gain which means I'm now almost as big as I was when I left University which is the heaviest I've ever been! I'm also drinking alcohol on a daily basis which is definitely not helping my figure or health. So basically I've decided to do something I never thought I'd do - yep, I've decided to do a "fad" diet!

      I know, I know, they only make you miserable and the weight you've worked so hard to lose only comes straight back on again as soon as you start eating normally. Now, I'm not going to defend it as I'm not starting it until tomorrow so have no idea what its going to be like or what I'm going to achieve but I'm going to give it a go none the less.

      So the diet I've decided to try out is the Dukan Diet. It's basically a high protein diet devised by the French Doctor Dukan. I downloaded the book to the Kindle and have been mulling it over for the past 5 days and decided that I'll give it a go. I'm the most motivated I've been in a long while to lose weight as I feel awful so its as good a time as any. I'm also going travelling in a few months and would like to feel more confident to wear a bikini whilst I'm there. Travelling is also going to allow me to be more active and eat sparingly so hopefully the combination of the two will help me get to a healthy weight.

      So, tomorrow I start Stage 1 of the Dukan Diet - the Attack Phase. This is the most drastic of the stages and also the time when you lose the most in the shortest period. I'm planning to put myself through this for 5 days... eek. It's the Pure Protein phase and means that I can eat as much protein foods as I like during this period. This includes beef, venison, chicken, shellfish, fish, low fat ham, fat free yoghurts & cottage cheese, eggs and oat bran. Wish me luck!

      On another note, I hope you all had a fab Christmas and New Year. I really wasn't feeling at all festive this year and I'm kind of glad its all over (bah humbug!) I got some lovely gifts including an extensive range of Nails Inc varnishes and some knits from Monki (which I had to send back as they were all a bit frumpy and unflattering), as well as a sewing kit and Assassins Creed (geek). I also had a fantastic New Year, thanks to the boy, who took us off to Edinburgh for the new year celebrations. We stayed in a fabulous B&B, Kew House, and went to the Hotnamy Street Party and boogied to Friendly Fires and welcomed in the New Year with a fantastic fireworks display... I really am spoilt! Scotland was fantastic and I really want to go back and visit the rural areas as driving through Scotland was breathtaking - the views really are incredible.

      (Forgive the photos - we forgot the camera so had to make do with my Phone!)