Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Models Own Nude Polish Swatches

I've been meaning to do swatches of my Models Own polishes for a while so here is the first of a few posts. I actually have a bit of an addiction as I just can't stop buying nail varnish! I even switched on QVC at the weekend when they were doing an O.P.I special!

So, I thought I'd start with the Nudes. I bought the Snow White during the 50% off sale. They'd actually sent me Moody Grey by mistake instead of the Snow White, but they were very lovely and let me keep it and sent along the correct polish - wasn't that nice!?

I find that with the lighter shades from Models Own they can be a bit watery so require a few coats. I don't recommend them for toe nail use. My experience has found that they just look awful no matter how many coats you apply. I must say I'm not really sure why I purchased the Snow White as I can't really see myself using it. I came across some gorgeous nail art that I wanted to try out, but previous attempts have been a bit of a disaster! 

Utopia is, again, very watery and looks a lot nicer in the bottle than on my nails. I haven't worn it for more than 5 minutes before I take it off again and apply a different colour. As you can see in the picture, it looks a bit of a mess, and thats after multiple reapplications and going round the edges with a cotton bud. 

Nude Beige, however, is a different story. This is by far one of my favourite nail polishes ever! It applies so easily and only needs one coat and I love the colour. It's really understated and sophisticated. I will definitely reinvest when it runs out.



                             Models Own Snow White                                                           Models Own Utopia

Models Own Nude Beige *Favourite*

Monday, 28 November 2011

All I want for Christmas is a Miu Miu Handbag

Bag envy! Is there anything more depressing (in a very shallow way of course)!?

My colleague Sheila came into work today with THE most beautiful bag I have ever laid my eyes on. In that moment  I thought I'd finally found the bag of my dreams! However, that moment instantly evaporated with the realisation it was a Miu Miu bag and I knew it would never be mine.

Now, I could be incredibly irresponsible and spend all of my savings on one of these beauties, but unfortunatley I'm too responsible (and boring!) So now I'm going to spend the rest of the week lusting after the bag that will never be mine and thinking of ways I could potentially steal it without Sheila suspecting it was me!

Miu Miu Shoulder Bag in Cameo - £1050

A girl can dream...

Saturday, 19 November 2011

OPI Rainbow Connection

Silver, Green, Orange, Pink, Blue and Gold chunks of glitter make up the fabulous nail varnish from the OPI Muppets collection. I had trouble finding this varnish in stock on a UK website but managed to snatch it up from Beauty Cow for £10.50. I've applied it here on bare nails but I can't wait to try it over colours. I think it would look fab over Models Own's Champagne!

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Shop Focus: Ruche

I came across Ruche whilst searching through Selective Potential's blog for some Autumn inspiration. I love Tieka's blog - the photos are always gorgeous, as is her wardobe!

Ruche is an American site, offering vintage dresses, warm winter knits and pretty shoes. I could spend a fortune on this site, but shipping costs are $20 to the UK so I may just add them to my Christmas wishlist instead!

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Me & Zena

Me & Zena ran a fab Halloween promotion last Monday, whereby they reduced everything on the site by 50% for one hour. It was a great marketing ploy as they were clearly trying to get rid of old stock - and it was a very effective way of doing it as I succumbed and bought 3 pieces! Including the Leopard Necklace I'd had my eye on for a few months, but at £19 it seemed a bit steep!

They arrived in a couple of days in pink bubble wrap, and each item was individually packaged in a drawstring bag. The chain of the Leopard Neclace is a bit bling, and the UFO is bigger than I expected, but overall I was pretty impressed!

Here is my haul (the Love Bites necklace is a gift for a friend so I haven't been too greedy!)

*Love Bites* Necklace

*Leopard* Necklace
*We Come In Peace* Necklace

Saturday, 5 November 2011

Shop Focus: Miss Selfridge

I had written off Miss Selfridge a few years ago, so was suprised when I stumbled across them again a couple of weeks ago. Guess what... Miss Selfridge has grown up! And they have a fantastic range of Party dresses, perfect for the festive season. I've been lusting after the Bodice dress for a while, but not sure it will suit me as nude shades tend to wash me out - and its a bit on the pricey side! May have to add it to the Xmas list!

                    Nude Sequin Bodice Dress -£65                                         Teal Chiffon Asymmetric Dress - £39 *Favourite*


             Nude Embellished Vest Dress - £70                                                 All-Over Sequin Dress - £150