Sunday, 30 October 2011


I'm so excited about Models Own launch of the Beetlejuice collection tomorrow at 10am! They've done a great job of generating hype around this collection as it seems to be all over the blogger sphere. I'm certainly itching to get my hands on Pinky Brown and Purple Blue.

(l-r) Golden Green, Pinky Brown, Purple Blue, Aqua Violet, Emerald Black

It's really difficult to find any swatches online, but I came across the British Beauty Blogger who managed a sneak preview! Only 10 hours to go...

c/o British Beauty Blogger

Thursday, 27 October 2011

In Bruges

As a surprise for Jack's 30th I planned a trip to Bruges. I'd wanted to take him on a city break for his 30th for a couple of years as he's always whisking me away on trips and holidays and I desperately wanted to take him away for a change.

I found the most gorgeous looking B&B on Trip Advisor, Huis Koning (check out my review here) and the last room was available over Jack's birthday so it seemed too good to pass up! I booked us onto the Eurostar - a bargain at £40 each, each way - and took Jack off to Kings Cross for our mini adventure!

Upon arriving in Bruges I fell in love instantly! It is one of the most beautiful cities I've ever visited. The architecture, quaint cafe's and vast canals had me in awe. The B&B didn't disappoint either. Positioned next to a shallow part of the waterways and exquisitely decorated, we were greeted with a smiling and accomodating host who brought us fresh coffee and Belgian chocolates. After being up since 5am this was a very welcome sight.

We spent everyday of our trip exploring the streets of Bruges, and sampling the local cuisine which mainly consisted of Beer, Frites and Cheese! They have amazing Brown pubs that stock vast amounts of beer at varying percentages. Our favourite was one that was recommended by our host, t'Brugs Beertje, which stocked over 300 varieties. We spent our first evening sampling the 9% and munching cheese and salami with mustard. Everything is within walking distance in Bruges so it's a fantastic city if you don't want to deal with public transport and taxi's. We were lucky enough to be treated to blue skies for most of our trip, even if it was a bit nippy!

We spent Jack's birthday seeing the sites and sharing the city with 1000's of Birmingham City fans. Luckily it didn't ruin the trip as we were leaving the day of the match and both teams are known as the hooligan types. We took a trip up the Belfry, as made famous in the film In Bruges, and finished up with the most amazing (and expensive meal) I've ever had at Rock Fort - another recommendation by our wonderful host!

Other highlights have to include the Frites Museum (the weirdest Museum I have ever visited, and that includes a visit to a sex museum in Paris) and a trip on the canal - cannot recommend doing that enough! It was a wonderful way to see the city, and we had an brilliant tour guide who kept us all laughing the whole time. It amazes me how the locals can switch in and out of English, French and Flemish.

All in all this has to be one of the most romantic and fantastic holidays that I have ever been on, and I was so happy that Jack had such a fab 30th. We've still got another celebration to look forward to, as unfortunaltely many members of Jack's family couldn't make it to the party so there's still more to look forward to!

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Jack turns 30

I was a pretty impressive girlfiriend the week of Jack's 30th Birthday! Not only did I arrange his birthday party but I whisked him away on a surprise trip to Bruges *smug*

I'd been having sleepless nights about both events and couldn't wait for them to hurry up and happen so I could stop worrying about them! But thankfully they both went better than I could of hoped, despite that some loved ones couldn't make it. Everyone was amazing in offering a helping hand and I'm so grateful to everyone who came as Jack had a great night and was chuffed to bits with his big chocolate cake and photo montage of a cute (and then very geeky) mini Jack - here are some of my favourites!

Unfortunately, the outfit I'd planned to wear didn't quite work out as there was a fault with the dress and I didn't have the chance to shop for something else. In the end I settled for an old Motel dress, which I'd only worn once or twice before and hadn't yet been caught in any photographs.

Choccy Cake!

Me and Jack (a little bit drunk at this point!)

 The Birthday Boy

 Me with the work girls all looking gorgeous! - lisforlucie, Hannah, Haus of Coco Elle, Memoirs of a Wardrobe

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Cheltenham Literature Festival

Firstly, sorry for the big gap between posts! I've had a very busy couple of weeks so I'll split this into two posts!

We spent the week before last attending various events at the Cheltenham Literature Festival. It's the first time I've been to any events over any of the Cheltenham Festivals, which is a shocker really as I've grown up here. Growing up I was pretty much ignorant to anything remotely cultural happening in Cheltenham. It's been so lovely being able to rediscover Cheltenham since moving back here after seven years away... and there is so much going on around here! It's especially great living in the town centre as I'm so much more aware of everything going on.

So, back to the Lit Fest. We wandered around on the first Saturday night and sat in the Idolize tent and watched some Jazz whilst supping wine - a very civilized evening and something we seem to do more and more often. I'm so middle class! We then had a walk around the festival site on the Sunday with the parents, although there's not too much to do unless you've booked tickets to an event. Jack actually wanted to go to a talk every night of the Festival but I managed to bargain him down to three!

On Wednesday 12th we saw Terry Wogan who was brilliant and was there to discuss his book "Wogan's Ireland". As well as discussing his rediscovery of Ireland and his ancestors, he also treated us to tales of his TV and Radio career. Discussing Eurovision was a particular highlight, as were his stories of his time at the BBC and his work with Children In Need. He even talked about his dead dog after a particularly bizarre question from an audience member (something along the lines of, "Lots of celebrities have dogs, like Clare Balding - do you have a dog and if not will you get one?"). He was absolutely hilarious and the whole experience made me love him even more. I think this is the perfect summary of the event - "Chatting as if he were in conversation with a couple of friends, the show was rather like getting a big, comforting bed-time hug from Uncle Terry." - thisisgloucestershire

Thursday night was the turn of Mark Watson who it turns out is a novelist! He's had four books published and treated us to a reading from his as yet unpublished book, Knot, which I'm looking forward to reading when its out next year. His current book, Eleven, which he was there to promote, I'm going to give a miss however. The extracts he choose were a bit dull and I found that his writing style was very over descriptive which I find a bit tedious.Watson studied with the intention of becoming a novelist and did comedy as a side project which has now become his career. He seemed a bit bitter about the fact that he is considered a comedian first and very few people realise he's a writer. And like me, if were to pick up one of his books, would expect them to be funny. But his novels are actually quiet dark and contatin insecure and complex characters, similar to Watson himself. He was endearing, and funny at times, and it made for an interesting and insightful evening.

Finally, Friday treated us to a night with Jonathan Ross, discussing Films to See Before you Die. Highlights included My Neighbour Totoro by Studio Ghilbli, which I already adore, and the best "so bad it's good" film ever made, Room! Watch the trailer, which I've linked to - you won't be disappointed! It was a very entertaining evening overall, although he overran by a fair bit and I think would of stayed answering questions well into the night, but got interupted and the show was wrapped up.

Overall a week well spent being cultural and middle aged. Must do it again next year!

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Jack's Birthday Outfit!

It's Jack's 30th Birthday Party next Saturday and I've just about got all of the details sorted, we just have a few more decorations to purchase and we're ready to go! I was lying awake at night worrying about it at one point but now I can't wait. All I want is for Jack to have a great night and I know he will. Even more exciting is that I've got a huge suprise for him as his birthday pressie. We've both booked the week off work and he has no idea what I've got planned. I'm very excited about being able to spoil him for a change, even if I am going to spend a fortune doing it!

And another thing - I've finally got my outfit sorted. I purchased this gorgeous Aubergine Asymmetrical dress from Inlovewithfashion and I can't wait to pair it with my New Look wedges which I purchased a few weeks ago. I'd been lusting after it for weeks and finally made a purchase after getting an amazing discount code and store credit, all in one day. I actually ended up getting the dress for £12.40!

I really wanted to wear it with this belt from one of the brands I work with, Motel Rocks but its out of stock at the moment so I'll have to find an alternative.

My outfit...

Untitled #3

Asymmetric maxi dress
£48 -


ASOS oversized handbag
$105 -