Thursday, 27 October 2011

In Bruges

As a surprise for Jack's 30th I planned a trip to Bruges. I'd wanted to take him on a city break for his 30th for a couple of years as he's always whisking me away on trips and holidays and I desperately wanted to take him away for a change.

I found the most gorgeous looking B&B on Trip Advisor, Huis Koning (check out my review here) and the last room was available over Jack's birthday so it seemed too good to pass up! I booked us onto the Eurostar - a bargain at £40 each, each way - and took Jack off to Kings Cross for our mini adventure!

Upon arriving in Bruges I fell in love instantly! It is one of the most beautiful cities I've ever visited. The architecture, quaint cafe's and vast canals had me in awe. The B&B didn't disappoint either. Positioned next to a shallow part of the waterways and exquisitely decorated, we were greeted with a smiling and accomodating host who brought us fresh coffee and Belgian chocolates. After being up since 5am this was a very welcome sight.

We spent everyday of our trip exploring the streets of Bruges, and sampling the local cuisine which mainly consisted of Beer, Frites and Cheese! They have amazing Brown pubs that stock vast amounts of beer at varying percentages. Our favourite was one that was recommended by our host, t'Brugs Beertje, which stocked over 300 varieties. We spent our first evening sampling the 9% and munching cheese and salami with mustard. Everything is within walking distance in Bruges so it's a fantastic city if you don't want to deal with public transport and taxi's. We were lucky enough to be treated to blue skies for most of our trip, even if it was a bit nippy!

We spent Jack's birthday seeing the sites and sharing the city with 1000's of Birmingham City fans. Luckily it didn't ruin the trip as we were leaving the day of the match and both teams are known as the hooligan types. We took a trip up the Belfry, as made famous in the film In Bruges, and finished up with the most amazing (and expensive meal) I've ever had at Rock Fort - another recommendation by our wonderful host!

Other highlights have to include the Frites Museum (the weirdest Museum I have ever visited, and that includes a visit to a sex museum in Paris) and a trip on the canal - cannot recommend doing that enough! It was a wonderful way to see the city, and we had an brilliant tour guide who kept us all laughing the whole time. It amazes me how the locals can switch in and out of English, French and Flemish.

All in all this has to be one of the most romantic and fantastic holidays that I have ever been on, and I was so happy that Jack had such a fab 30th. We've still got another celebration to look forward to, as unfortunaltely many members of Jack's family couldn't make it to the party so there's still more to look forward to!

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