Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Jack turns 30

I was a pretty impressive girlfiriend the week of Jack's 30th Birthday! Not only did I arrange his birthday party but I whisked him away on a surprise trip to Bruges *smug*

I'd been having sleepless nights about both events and couldn't wait for them to hurry up and happen so I could stop worrying about them! But thankfully they both went better than I could of hoped, despite that some loved ones couldn't make it. Everyone was amazing in offering a helping hand and I'm so grateful to everyone who came as Jack had a great night and was chuffed to bits with his big chocolate cake and photo montage of a cute (and then very geeky) mini Jack - here are some of my favourites!

Unfortunately, the outfit I'd planned to wear didn't quite work out as there was a fault with the dress and I didn't have the chance to shop for something else. In the end I settled for an old Motel dress, which I'd only worn once or twice before and hadn't yet been caught in any photographs.

Choccy Cake!

Me and Jack (a little bit drunk at this point!)

 The Birthday Boy

 Me with the work girls all looking gorgeous! - lisforlucie, Hannah, Haus of Coco Elle, Memoirs of a Wardrobe

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