Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Nice day for a White Wedding

We've been invited to a wedding at the end of April so I've started the hunt for a new dress (any excuse) and came across this beauty from TFNC.

I just liked the dress but thought it may be too 'night out with the girls' to wear to a wedding, so I asked the opinions of my facebook friends. They quickly pointed out the cream skirt and how you shouldn't wear white to a wedding. I hadn't even thought of that! Others disagreed and said that the 'no white' rule has gone out of the window in recent years, and so it's now ok to wear white/cream to a wedding. Overall, I'm going to avoid it as I'm not the sort of person who likes to draw attention to myself - especially at somebody else's wedding! But to be honest, if someone wore white to my wedding I don't think I'd even notice.

What's your opinion? Outdated tradition or worthy of a cat fight?

Other off-white delights...

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