Monday, 5 March 2012


Ok, so I have been ridiculously crap at putting anything on here lately! The problem is that I'm so skint that I can't bear to look at any clothing websites, fashion mags or go into any shops as it just depresses me.

Jack's finally got his leaving date!!! I've managed to get myself an office job so I'm attempting to save every penny I can. This has meant that I've been ridiculously anti-social (sorry guys). I've even had to cancel on dinner this week with friends and I feel terrible. But a weekend in York seeing Uni friends (who I haven't seen in a year!) is going to completely wipe out my budget this week. I also haven't seen my Dad since December as he's been travelling in Thailand, so I need to go out for a family meal with him and my brother. And then it's Mothers Day - it's just one thing after the other! Therefore, the clothes have taken a backseat! And I'm not very good at looking and not buying.

I'm expecting this blog to evolve into a travelling blog over the next year rather than the fashion angle it seems to have taken lately. We've planned our route (sort of) and it involves Spain, France, Italy, Croatia, Germany, Brussels and the Netherlands. Then hopefully we'll go onto Australia and New Zealand! I can't bloody wait, and we've got a whole year to do it in!

I'll try to blog more often but I'm feeling a bit uninspired lately. But I'll try my best.

In the meantime, here is a little treat that Jack bought me from New Look. I can't wait to wear them on Saturday night with my Vero Moda dress.

Ooh, and re Slimming World - I've managed to lose 10lbs so far! That's the weight I gained since being back in Cheltenham. Now I'm hoping to move into unknown territory...

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