Sunday, 4 September 2011

Autumn Knits

A pretty uneventful week all in all so I haven't really blogged much this week. We went shopping in Bristol yesterday as Jack is desperate for new clothes and I have to practically force him to shop. It amazes me how little interest most men have in clothes. Especially as he's just had a promotion - I'd be swimming in Chanel if it were me! He did, however, treat me to a gorgeous Salmon Blazer which I'll post about soon! I'm very spoilt! We haven't really done a lot with the weekend apart from that. I've had a horrible headache and stomach ache today. I'm putting it down to stress but worried that I may be starting to get migraines as they're more intense than the standard headache I'm used to, and seem to take a while to shift. I've got a lot on my mind at the moment though so hopefully they'll pass once I've made a few decisions.

Anyway, a little something to cheer me up!

Now that Autumn has officially arrived I'm desperate to start stocking up my Winter wardrobe. I get particularly excited about knitwear and have selected just a few of my favourites online at the mo to share with you.

Marley Sweater In Black And Cream - £45.00 -

Mink Sausage Dog Jumper - £28 - Dorothy Perkins

Pink Navajo Print Jumper - £38 - River Island
Brief Style Back Buttons Apricot Jumper - £26.15 -

Bardot Jumper - £58 - Topshop

Mink Pink Leopard Print Jumper - £50 -

I'd be ordering all of them if I could afford it but my favourite has to be the Navajo Jumper from River Island, although I'm very tempted to buy the Romwe Apricot Jumper just because its such good value, and I have a 20% off code just itching to be used...

Hoping to do some nail posts soon but still waiting for the arrival of my Models Own splurge from last weekend. Can't wait to try out the leopard print - may try it out in the style of the last jumper!

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