Monday, 12 September 2011

Models Own Arrival

I had my first night out with the work girlies on Friday night and it was SO much fun! The dance moves got a bit crazy - to the extent that I thought I'd put my back out! As the weekend wore on the ache seemed to spread to my throat and gums so I think it may have been a viral thingy rather than a result of my moves (although they were pretty epic!). I actually didn't go into work today because of it but felt a lot better by the afternoon so will be returning tomorrow. Sick days are so rubbish as you get a whole extra day off but feel too rubbish to do anything but sleep or watch crap daytime TV!

My Models Own delivery arrived in the week and I was so excited to receive my goodies - especially as they came in such a fab presentation box!

I opened it up and was greeted with this pretty array of polishes.

L-R: Pink Fizz, Peach Puff, Moody Grey, Top Turquoise, Lilac Dream, 3-in-1 Base Coat/Top Coat/Gloss, Wah Nail Pen

Unfortunately one of the colours I received was one that I hadn't ordered. I got in touch with Models Own and their customer service was amazing. A very quick response and they have sent out my Snow White polish and said that I can keep the Moody Grey they sent me by mistake as way of an apology!

I did attempt the Leopard Print nail design, as featured on Gem Fatale's blog, but unfortunately it looked a bit crap so I decided not to post the pictures. I'll try again another time.

I've tried out three of the colours so far. They don't look quite so neat zoomed in than they did on my nails, especially the Moody Grey - oh dear!

 Pink Fizz

 Lilac Dream

Moody Grey
(It looked more Green than Grey - unfortunately my least favourite colour, but hey - it was free!)

I'll snap the other colours as and when I wear them. I'll also attempt some more nail art that will hopefully come out a bit better next time.

Oh, also this week I joined Independent Fashion Bloggers and had lots of lovely emails from people welcoming me to the community. I haven't had a chance to go through them yet, or look through everyone's lovely blogs but I'll spend an evening dedicated to it this week. Jack's away Wednesday, Thursday and most of Friday so I have no excuses!

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