Thursday, 15 September 2011

New Look Shoes

I popped into New Look on my lunch break and as usual headed straight for the shoes. I think that New Look have the best selection of footwear on the High Street and always at a bargain price.

I'm normally quite sensible when it comes to shoes. I only really started wearing heels about 2 years ago - shocking I know. When I was a student and going out 2 or 3 nights a week I just wanted to be comfortable, and that meant flat pumps. I can't believe what I used to wear on nights out as a student - there were definitely more than a few dodgy fashion moments. Now I don't feel dressed up if I'm not wearing a pair of heels.

My collection is still quite small as I'm always attracted to shoes that are far too high to walk in, so I just don't bother to buy. However, I came across these two beauties and I couldn't resist. They do seem really high but I've walked around in them and they don't instantly hurt so I decided to treat myself. I only intended to buy one pair but was in New Look for half an hour, alternating between each pair. So bought both thinking the girls at work could decide instead. And they decided I should keep them both - and I agreed!


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