Sunday, 21 August 2011

Wearing a Hug

I spent the day yesterday working on my new blog design (I hope you like it!). I felt that my previous design was a bit too chintzy and wanted something cleaner and simpler - all in all I'm pretty chuffed with the result!

We were meant to go to Wales yesterday to visit Jack's dad but I got distracted by the blog and Jack by his xbox so we're off this afternoon. Instead at about 4pm we decided to jump in the car and visit a country pub whilst the weather had brightened up and slightly resembled Summer. We finally got to The Bell at Sapperton but it was closed until 6.30pm which was a shame as it looked lovely. We instead found another pub nearby and had a disappointing drink near a busy road and agreed that it had been a bit of a waste of time. So we headed back to Cheltenham and I had a text from our friends Matt & Julie and so we met them at The Strand for a few ciders and some dinner. I worked at The Strand when we first moved back and it is one of my favourite pubs in Cheltenham. The food is amazing quality, and a bit of a bargain. You'd expect to pay double for the same in most of Cheltenham's restaurants. So if you ever happen to be in Cheltenham it's definitely worth a visit.

So here is my second outfit post. Again, sorry for the poor photo quality. I need to invest in a good camera and Photoshop if I'm going to keep doing these. The dress is another from inlovewithfashion (I now have four!). I love the dress but it creases so easily - I had to iron it twice yesterday! It also gapes quite a lot at the neck so I've always got to check that my bra isn't showing. The cardigan is one I bought from Topshop last winter. It's big and warm, and as my friend once described it, like wearing a hug! I love it - I definitely need to invest in more cardigans like this.

Cardigan: Topshop

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