Saturday, 27 August 2011

Reading Rocks

So I wore my Motel t-shirt today that I inherited from Kate. I rarely do round neck t-shirts but I actually really like this.

Jack's at Reading Festival today. He's gone on his own as I couldn't afford a ticket and we would of spent the whole day watching other bands anyway. He's desperate to see Jane's Addiction whereas I would be at the main stage watching The Strokes. We do tend to have very similar taste in music but there is the occassional one that I just can't get into (Deftones being our main disagreement! - guess which one of us likes them?)

I've told a few people that he's off on his own and I've been met with the same reaction - really!? A note to add here is that these reactions are from people who haven't met Jack. He's the friendliest person you could ever hope to meet and can make friends anywhere with anyone! Last time we went to Leeds Festival with friends I barely saw him all weekend. He returned to the tent one night with one shoe and wearing jeans that were shredded to the thigh. We then made our way to see Queen's of the Stoneage and Jack was plastered all over the mega screens, going crazy and chucking beer all over his head. So I think he'll be just fine. He's staying in a hotel in the middle of Reading and then driving back early tomorrow as we have my Step-Nephew's Christening to go to so he hopefully won't get too drunk! I'm watching the coverage of Pulp at the moment and kind of wishing I was there. I feel a bit old for Reading now. The last time I went was 2004 - the year Jack and I met!

I've been lusting over the Model's Own website for most of the day. I painted my nails in Models Own Feeling Blue - it's a lot darker than it appears online so a little misleading if you're after a light blue. I'd go for bloobloo instead. I do absolutely love the colour though, especially contrasted against the red of my t-shirt. I currently have £40 worth of nail varnish sitting in my basket but I haven't actually purchased just yet. The main reason I'm so tempted is because they're running a 50% off promotion until Monday to celebrate reaching 50,000 facebook likes. You just need to enter 'fiftyfifty' at the checkout to claim your discount. To buy or not to buy...?

T-Shirt: Motel Rocks
Nails: Models Own Feeling Blue (3 for £12 at Motel from Monday)

Update: I bought them! oops

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